Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of Bridge Officers, Assistants, Committee Chairs, and Members at Large. Business meetings are held the first Thursday of the month, check the web calendar for dates and location.

Boulder Valley Sail and Power Squadron

United States Power Squadrons

Bridge Officers 2018-2019
Commander Cdr Anne Hammond, JN
Past Commander P/C Carl Forsberg, JN
Past Commander P/C John Harris
Executive Officer Lt/C Harry Hammond, JN
Administrative Officer Lt/C Christine M. V. Ferris, S
Education Officer Lt/C Steve Hollis, JN
Assistant Education Officer  1st/Lt David Hughes, AP
Secretary Lt/C Eduardo Lentz
Treasurer Lt/C David Davies, P
Membership Chair and Public Contact Lt Mo Diliza, AP
Vessel Safety Check and Safety Lt Ron Schwiesow, JN
Historian P/Lt/C Jo Davies, P
Beacon Editor Lt Bill Buffum
Assistant Beacon Editor Peter Baumgartner, S
Member at Large P/C John Harris
Member at Large Vince Comella
Member at Large and Hospitality Diana Bliss
Webmaster Lt Brian Jones, AP



Lieutenant Commander

First Lieutenant


USPS Grades
Designation Grade Insignia Description
S Seaman Completed Seamanship Course
P Pilot Completed Piloting Course
AP Advanced Pilot Completed Advanced Piloting Course
AP Advanced Pilot Advanced Pilot with Educational Proficiency
JN Junior Navigator Completed Junior Navigation Course
JN Junior Navigator Junior Navigator with Educational Proficiency
N Navigator Completed Navigation Course
N Navigator Navigator with Educational Proficiency
SN Senior Navigator Educational Achievement - Completed N and 6 Elective Courses

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