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USPS Online Roster Tool
« on: May 13, 2016, 05:03:39 PM »
Roster Tool navigation is found on the "Links" page under Resources and Links.  It is a resource available to USPS members. When you select it you may use the following instructions for authentication.

This should bring up a "Real Person Confirmation" dialog, which is an arithmetic word problem (e.g., seven + four). Type in the number that is the answer (e.g., 11), and click continue. This should result in a page that is the Squadron Member Listing from the headquarters computer. If you haven't signed in to the headquarters computer before, you will see instead a Member Validation page that asks for your certificate number and PIN. You received those in a mailing from headquarters when you joined. If you've lost track of those, I can look up your certificate number for you, and you can then click on the Security Information link. On the resulting page, check "I don't know my security question," and headquarters will then e-mail you the question. When you receive the question, answer it, and the headquarters computer will e-mail your PIN. Pretty secure, isn't it? We can make it work!

On the Squadron Member Listing you will find all our members listed, with address, telephone, and e-mail contact information. An easy click on a member's e-mail address will allow you to send them an e-mail. A click on their name will bring up roster details. A click on your own name will allow you to update your own information. Also on the upper left of that page are links to other sources of information such as our squadron bylaws and a printer-friendly way to download our roster if you wish.

If you're having trouble, send an email to

Lt/C Ron Schwiesow, JN
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